Native American Public Relations (PR), Marketing, Advertising, Issue Advocacy

Press Room

At NaqCom, we operate in a team environment, employing the most appropriate tools to effectively communicate our clients’ messages, promote their objectives and implement their media programs among Native Americans. As members of tribal communities, we know how critical it is to have appropriate public relations strategies if Native Americans as tribal nations are to succeed in maintaining sovereignty and self-determination. Therefore, we strive to take on clients who promote or enhance tribal sovereignty.


Our extensive ties to Native American communities, our professional expertise and our tactical approach to PR, marketing, advertising and issue advocacy afford us great success, particularly with targeted grassroots outreach within American Indian communities. Our relationships are based on integrity, trust and respect for Native American culture and tribal sovereignty.


NaqCom is successful and polished in crafting effective, targeted media campaigns that garner maximum results. With a highly respected American Indian expert as principal, our experienced staff understands the currency of integrity in Indian Country, as well as tribal diversity, historical context and contemporary issues unique to both the American Indian community and U.S. audiences.